Our technical capacity allows us to develop from interior design projects and complete refurbishments, to architechtural projects of the highest level. We start to manage from the project idea, once we have understood your needs and objectives, and obtain the licenses by going through the necessary administrative procedures, to carrying out the building work. We, therefore, have as our main objective to obtain the greatest possible quality at the end result.

Personalised study of your need.

We create detailed studies analysing all the determining factors, such as excessive compartmentalization, any surfaces that cannot be used, the shortage of storage areas or the lack of natural light.

We work from existing structures, providing constructive, creative and innovative solutions, and offering up-to-date and flexible configuration alternatives which transform spaces and increases their value.

Besides, we try to find sustainability through our ecofriendly products, proposing consructive, bio-climatic solutions. They save more energy, taking advantage of natural resources such as light and solar heat or improving existing facilities.

Through VIRTUALHAUS we showcase the required projects in 3D in order to better understand the space, before being approved by the customer previous to their execution. We define floor and wall finish, equipment textures, furniture layout and design even, including the effects of natural and artificial lighting through photorealistic views.

Looking for customer satisfaction.

For the supply and installation of furniture and lighting, we work with the best brands in the market for interior design as well as the outside, and even make bespoke furniture.

In addition, we can lend you a house to live in, in case you wish to refurbish your home and you need somewhere to stay until the building work is complete.

We also advise you and even manage the sale of a house with a refurbishment project for you, if what you are looking for is the ideal home at the best possible price.

We have an excellent after sales service offering two years guarantee on our work, to ensure the customer´s full satisfaction.