Enormous amounts of energy will probably get wasted in your home. If you are going to build or refurbish your home, you will have to be able to decide on its building characteristics, which take into account aspects such as location, which way it is facing, insulation systems, air conditioning and your choice of materials and equipment, saving you a lot of money while you contribute towards reducing pollution.


We are looking for the most amount of natural light possible through bioconstruction in new builds, which optimises solar contribution. We minimise energy losses within the building, from its design if possible, through its position and shape. We advise the use of building materials which require little energy when their made. We resort to ecofriendly or even used materials, preferably from local areas to minimise costs and pollution through transport and at the same time promote the consumption of products from our region.

We design facilities that use renewable energy. We try to achieve energy efficiency, through ecological design, which decreases its impact on the environment. In ECOHAUS, you will find a wide range of products, resulting in less energy consumption, such as led lighting, tab with water saving technology, purifiers for domestic use and even equipment for the reuse of grey water. Through the application of domotics, we make homes that unite comfort and sustainability.

Energy safety certificates of existing buildings as well as newbuilds are a legal prerequisite since the approval of the Royal Act 47/2007. This certificate lays out the necessary energy consumption to satisfy a building´s demand in normal working conditions between the letters A to G depending on its degree of energy safety.

Showing or making available the energy safety certificate to the buyers and tenants is required by law for the sale and tenancy agreements for the whole or part of the property, which have taken place since the 1st of January 2013.

If you decide to refurbish your home, we will ease the process of obtaining your energy safety certificate

If you decide to work with NEOHAUS to start the project of your new house, we apply from the beginning our knowledge about bioconstruction in order to achieve the highest energy safety standard.