Our specialised CONTRACT division offers products and solutions suited for all types of building projects, for interior design as well as outside, whether they are for private housing estates, commercial premises, refurbishing existing buildings, hotels, tourist developments or equipment for collective use and institutions.

We stand by you from the start to the end of your project

We serve you from the complete design and the supply to the final equipment installation, which we can even tailor make for you, for building work of collective use.

In NEOHAUS you will find a distribution and installation channel for architecture, habitat and decor, including ceramic tiling, stone, synthetics, articles of wood, aluminium, steel, textiles, installations and furniture of all types.

We have a team of architects and interior designers at your disposal to advise you on the choice of products you need to buy for your project, as well as supervising the building work and the installation of these products.

Proper management of this value chain will contribute towards the property developer´s return on investment, which in turn increases the value of the finished project, and therefore, the value of the premises will also increase.

Here is our offer to succeed with our Contract channel:

  • Global view of the project from the study of your needs until the after sales service.
  • Maximising service value.
  • Engineering specialised in products and services marketing, giving us vast knowledge of the market.
  • Intelligent cooperation between the companies which take part in your project.
  • Application of innovative solutions.
  • Ability to give flexible answers.